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"I wanted to hold on to managing it myself, but it was just getting too difficult."

“I was a private Landlord, and particularly choosing the right tenant was quite difficult.

I wanted to hold on to managing it myself, but it was just getting too difficult. The older we get, its just harder.”


What change have you seen since joining Rental Property Network?

“The change in moving to Rental Property Network has been enormous, we can spend more time together and enjoy life instead of worrying about managing our properties.

It has just been a real relief. We don’t have to try to manage everything ourselves, we can just let go.”



"I Love the Choice!"

“One of the things I love being able to do for my Landlords is tailor their experience with Rental Property Network.”

Says Renee, Property Manager.

“With Lynne she was really keen to make sure she was at all routine inspections for her properties. We were able to tailor make all of our inspection runs so that they suited when she was available, so she could attend with us and make sure the properties were exactly where she needed them to be.”


How has your Property Manager helped you?

“My Property Manager has been fantastic. Lots of problems that I was having, its now just a phone call and she’ll answer everything I’m asking.

I’ve even referred clients who live in Queensland so that Rental Property Network can be their Property Managers as well.”

"Rental Property Network have been extraordinary, I started with one property, now I have three!"

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Partner with a caring team and experience how Property Management should be.