Letting Properties Off Market

We rent a significant number of properties annually without advertising because of the size of our network. Why – because once we have reliable tenants, we are super keen to retain them.

At Rental Property Network (RPN), our approach to Property Management goes beyond the conventional. One of the strategies that sets us apart is our practice of letting properties off the market. Leveraging our extensive network and reputation, we often facilitate the leasing of properties without the need for traditional advertising. This approach stems from our commitment to maintaining reliable tenant-landlord relationships and optimising the experience for both parties.

The substantial number of properties we let annually without public advertising is a testament to the strength of our network and the trust we’ve built. Our wide-reaching connections and reputation in the industry allow us to match available properties with suitable Tenants efficiently. This approach not only streamlines the process for Landlords and Tenants but also minimises the disruptions caused by extended vacancies.

Our emphasis on retaining reliable Tenants drives this practice. Once we’ve identified and established a trustworthy and reliable relationship, we are keen to maintain that. This isn’t just about filling a property; it’s about cultivating lasting, positive relationships with proven, responsible, dependable Tenants.

By letting properties off the market, we prioritise the continuity of tenancies for these reliable occupants. This benefits the Tenants who have shown their commitment and reliability and ensures stability and security for the property owners. Landlords value the assurance of having responsible Tenants, while Tenants appreciate the security and consistency of a trusted Property Manager.

Our approach isn’t solely about filling vacancies but maintaining a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship between Landlords and Tenants. The trust and reliability cultivated through this off-market letting approach contribute to both parties’ enjoying a smoother, more stable rental experience.

At Rental Property Network, our dedication to fostering lasting Tenant-Landlord relationships shapes our approach to Property Management. The off market letting strategy reflects our commitment to reliability and trust, ensuring Tenants and Landlords benefit from a seamless and consistent rental experience. It’s a testament to our belief in building and sustaining positive, long-term relationships within our network. Call us today at 8285 9125.


Moni Mazzeo

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