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Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Our Property Managers conduct extensive reference checks on tenants, going far beyond just the references they provide us. We investigate social media platforms, TICA (the tenancy blacklist), and use the shared experience of our team to dig deeper into applications so that we can provide our Landlords with a clearer picture pf prospective tenants. We also have the most thorough leases in the industry, so that when tenants sign on their obligations and restrictions are clearly laid out.

Absolutely not! We charge the advertising fee only after a tenant has been approved, and normally take it out of the first rental payment so that you have no up front costs.

We pay out of our trust account every single week, which means the most you’ll ever have to wait for rental payments is 6 days from when they come into our trust account. While other agencies pay out fortnightly or even monthly, we believe that you should have your money as soon as possible! This policy of paying out to you sooner can save you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars annually in mortgage interest alone, depending on your tenants payment cycle.

We can absolutely handle any and all payments relating to your Investment Property! If there are any bills, such as water or council rates, that you’d like us to pay then you just have to send them through to us and ask that we have them redirected to come directly to us. Then you don’t have to worry about them! Most costs can be passed on to tenants, and we clarify that in the initial lease, though there are exceptions. Currently, sewerage and council rates cannot be passed on to tenants in residential leases.

Of Course! It is your major Investment and you are absolutely welcome to come along to routine inspections. Just let your Property Manager know and they’ll coordinate the times with you to attend. Whether you come along or not, you’ll receive a full inspection report complete with photos of items (like wet areas or maintenance) and a summary.

Unlike other agencies, you don’t have to call through to an office and wait for a call back. Instead, you’ll have your Property Manager’s direct mobile number so that you can talk to them directly about any aspects of your Investment Property.

Landlord Protection (LLP) Insurance is specialized insurance for Investment Properties which we highly recommend to Landlords. It is not a replacement for Building or Contents insurance, but rather a supplemental insurance tailored towards protecting Landlords. It covers numerous aspects of a tenancy that are not covered by building or contents insurance, and can include items such as tenant damage, rent default & loss of rent. While it is easy to think that this insurance is not required with a good tenant, the truth is that anything can happen, and major or traumatic events can often cause otherwise good tenancies to rapidly break down and lead to financial loss. LLP insurance protects against these situations.

We can arrange every step of the process with maintenance, from when a tenant reports it to us through to paying the supplier invoice. We have countless skilled trades who we maintain a strong relationship with, so that we can coordinate maintenance for you and be assured of an excellent result.

Just as sometimes a tenants situation can change, we understand that so can a Landlord’s. While tenants leases are usually fixed, in these situations we can almost always negotiate with the tenants and work with them to move out early. Also, while we don’t handle sales directly, we maintain an excellent relationship with a number of highly recommended sales agents across the state.

Ultimately, we can’t guarantee that there will be absolutely no problems that arise with regards to any tenancy in the property. However, our guarantee to you is that we have the experience to advise you on the best course of action, no matter the situation, and will resolve anything that happens with absolute professionalism. Our job is to protect you, and this means working to prevent issues from arising, managing the risk of them occurring, and remedying them when do occur.

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