Why the New Look?

From it’s inception, Rental Property Network has had one primary goal – to provide Property Managers with flexibility, a high income and retirement planning to enable them to provide the very best possible Property Management service to both Landlords and Tenants. The end game has always included Investors, but when Property Managers are overworked and under paid how can they be expected to achieve their full potential in this role? For decades Landlords have been requesting a better level of service while principals have increased the workload of Property Managers for greater profits and then complained that good staff are difficult to retain. 

This rebrand marks a significant milestone for our company, which is now the largest dedicated Property Management specialist company in South Australia. We went through many consultations around the direction for our new brand, and had even more discussions in house. It took us some time, but eventually we realised that the only way to be true to ourselves was to show everyone the authentic, real side of Rental Property Network, and for us that means embracing the human side of our team. 

We wanted our inclusive, approachable and inviting manner to be showcased to potential clients who share the same family focus and values. The team that is Rental Property Network includes our Property Managers, Investors, Administration Team, Trades and Tenants. Each form an integral component of the business that only operates to full capacity when there is synchronicity between them.  

This is not an intangible concept for the team but rather one that is both discussed, practised, and revised so the culture of the group is consistent with the overall business philosophy. The new brand encompasses and exhibits the accepting and authentic charm of this company and it’s outstanding team. 

We would like to give a special shoutout to the creative geniuses who spearheaded our new brand. We have been working with most of these people since early this year, though some we have been in discussions with since 2019!

Thanks to Gilberto D’Oporto from D’Oporto Studios for helping us focus our message with our new brand and styling. 

Thanks to Terri Williams from Clever Fox Creative for helping us to show the authentic side of our team by putting together this new website. 

Thanks to Steve Willis from WriteMind for helping us tell our story by taking care of our copywriting needs. 

And finally, thanks to Guy and Ron from The Forward for helping bring our team to life through video!

With the assistance and guidance of this amazing group of people, we’ve captured the essence of our genuine, caring, dedicated and very different Property Management business. 

We are so proud to be able to finally bring our new vision to life, and share it with you all.



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