Growth with New Investors and Our Team!

A little over a week ago Rental Property Network was fortunate enough to substantially increase both the number of Investors we work with and also the team of Property Managers who enjoy our flexible business model promoting a healthy work life balance and happiness in the workplace. We welcome Erin, Gina, Amber, Kymba, Lisa and Brooke to our network, and we are thrilled that you are now able to benefit from the culture and positive environment that our existing team already enjoy.

Our goal is to promote our business model throughout Australia and encourage Property Managers to take charge of their lives both in terms of work life balance and also income. Property Management, in its traditional form of large portfolios, super stressed Property Managers, poor support, inadequate training, and a less than ideal level of service due to burn out must be ‘forced to change.’ We’re leading the way with our contemporary business model, appropriate remuneration for Property Managers, and a personalised service for Investors.

We value our team, they are our biggest asset, and we want to support them every step of the way. So we’ve played it pretty low key but we now have almost twenty Property Managers enjoying the freedom, financial security and flexibility offered by the company; and this is a far cry from Moni, Justin, and Taryk sitting around the kitchen table structuring the business model just eight years ago!

Why do we achieve outstanding results?

Our arrears remain at almost 50% of the industry average, and not just this month, for the last two years, and all through the pandemic we have been achieving these results month in month out.

Our Landlords do not incur lengthy delays in tenant changeovers because we understand vacancies cost money and we do everything possible to prevent extended vacancies. The difference is the business model, being a Property Management Specialist, the flexibility that promotes wellbeing for our team and our in house training. Well trained, highly skilled, and happy Property Managers enjoy their roles, provide better service and go above and beyond for their clients.

We are proud of our achievements and are so excited to show our new team members just how wonderful Property Management can be working remotely, with flexibility and unlimited support. We’ve grown to be the Largest Independent Property Management Specialist Team in SA, and now to further that growth with new team members and new Investors consolidates our goals as a company for 2021.

Early next year we’re planning another Landlords Appreciation Evening to show our new group of investors how important they are to us, and provide another opportunity to meet face to face after the last couple of years of restrictions.

In the mean time, if you have any questions please call either Taryk or myself, our contact information is here on the website. If you own an investment and are contemplating a change of management, we’d love the opportunity to chat about how we can easily arrange this for you. Taryk is available on 0437 650 264.



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